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Onderstaande tekst schreef ik afgelopen februari op de Hartwerkers-blog. Daarbij vergat ik helemaal dat ik 'em ook hier kon neerzetten, en dat dat eigenlijk wel heel goed past bij het idee achter WOVOX. Totdat iemand me er vandaag op wees, en vroeg of ik dat niet wilde doen. Dus, bij deze!

Je vindt de blogpost, met foto's, op http://www.hartwerkers.nl/blog/nieuws/hartwerkers-one-year-down-the-line/

"Ik heb in januari een grote beslissing gemaakt. Vier jaar lang heb ik me als mede-oprichter van WOVOX.com ingezet om iets moois neer te zetten. Om een platform op te bouwen dat echt waarde kan creëren. En om daar een fantastisch team achter te krijgen van mensen die zelf hun droombaan leven. Ik zag ons een heel eind komen. Maar ik realiseerde me begin dit jaar ook dat het...

raymundoresink raymundoresink
oktober 24, 2013

Media student

Enthusiasm is the right word to describe WOVOX. I'm a student in Communication and Multimedia Design. It's a very broad field of work which made it rather difficult for me to find an internship with the right match. I got accepted at WOVOX after months of searching for the right kind of internship. It was mutual enthusiasm that got me there most of all.

In my first few weeks, they wanted to know not only my skills but also my interests. The people at WOVOX are like open doors for new ideas and feedback. Not only do you have to adapt to fulfill their expectations, WOVOX will do the same for you.

Far from monotonous, the work at WOVOX requires creativity and personal input. And if you have a new idea for a project, just pitch it! There are only two things that really...

Sandro Algra Barradas Sandro Algra Barradas
september 18, 2012

Student/Writer/Editor, Amsterdam

As a student of Journalism (Media, Information and Communication), I chose to intern at WOVOX for a couple of months.

The team at WOVOX was very welcoming and knows how to make someone feel at home. I got to develop myself as a writer and editor, having both freedom and responsibility. Not only did I learn a lot, I also had a very enjoyable time at the office.

WOVOX stands for something and I very much believe in their message. Everyone should have a job they feel passionate about. Not only does WOVOX help other people realize that, it is also a solid example of how a business should be run. There's structure, but not much hierarchy and certainly no one feeling superior over their colleagues. The team works together, lunches together and laughs together. Not only...

Nour Khamis Nour Khamis
september 18, 2012

HTML/CSS Specialist

Dag Wovox. Jullie nieuwe site ziet er mooi uit! Erg leuk om bij al die werkplekken te kunnen spieken en een indruk te krijgen. Een logo linksboven is wel handig :P

mei 14, 2012


Warm en knus bedrijf!

Yvonne Nieuwenhuijzen Yvonne Nieuwenhuijzen
april 12, 2012

HR bij Effectory!

Wat een ondernemende club! Mooie visie, inspirerende ideeen en 'n heel prettig contact!

Guimette Prakken Guimette Prakken
november 8, 2011

Experiencing the WOVOX workplace

At this moment I'm studying Interactive Media at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. I'm in my third year. I did a ten week internship at WOVOX during the first half of 2010 and it was a great experience. I am currently working on severel social media projects. And for each project I think of the what I've learned at WOVOX: creating an environment that brings out the best in each teammember when it comes to capacities, fun and productivity.

Ten weeks are not that long. But it was a tumultuous time. WOVOX.com was being redesigned, cool new features were added, and the platform went live officially (after the deadline was postponed three times...). Being able to view this first hand as a WOVOX team member has been incredibly interesting and inspiring.

My main activities have...

FlorisEdens FlorisEdens
februari 22, 2011

Working for WOVOX

My name is Kevin Bellanger, I am a French student in engineering of the Management of Information Systems. I discovered this company a bit by chance; I was looking for an abroad internship. Since I get in touch with the company, I knew that it was one of a kind: a skype interview and exchanges of emails deeply nice.

I didn’t hesitate and started a four months pleasant adventure as “Information and Communication System Manager“. I discovered a nice workplace: big spacious offices with everything to feel good and at ease: plants, candles, balloon seats, and an open kitchen but I especially met really nice and kind people.

In fact, people should bear in mind that working is not only a matter of function and furniture but mostly interaction between human beings. Indeed,...

Kevin Bellanger Kevin Bellanger
augustus 27, 2010

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