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Over deze werkplek Vandejong is a branding agency based in the former ABN AMRO building in the center of Amsterdam. Our interior is designed by the designers Roosje Klap and Kaleb de Groot. We strive to work as sustainable as possible – our lunch table is made of recycled wood and we recycle our paper. Our office space is used by staff members of the international photography magazine Foam Magazine and we rent out flexible workplaces to independent creatives from our network.
Talen Nederlands, Engels, Frans
Tags Foammagazine, Unseen, Branding, Design, Communication, Creative, Concepts, Amsterdam, vandejong
Adres Vijzelstraat 72
1017 HL
Nederland | Kom hier
Telefoonnummer 020 - 462 2062
Email adres
Maandag09:00 - 18:00
Dinsdag09:00 - 18:00
Woensdag09:00 - 18:00
Donderdag09:00 - 18:00
Vrijdag09:00 - 18:00
ZaterdagClosed - Closed
ZondagClosed - Closed

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Bedrijfsnaam Vandejong
Opgericht 1989
Land van oorsprong Nederland
Slogan Optimistic Branding
Missie We can put your vision into your organisation and your brand into your communication in an optimal way.
We work in a project-based, multidisciplinary way. Our creatives are involved in strategy, and our communication advisers contribute to creative concepts. We work with specialists in photography, film, copywriting, illustration, PR, events and product development. We also frequently hire independent advisers who have earned their stripes in politics, government, business and social organisations. Also we’re co-creators of Foam Magazine and Unseen Photography Fair Amsterdam.
Tags Foammagazine, Branding, Design, Unseen, Stategy, Creative, Concept, Vandejong, Amsterdam, media
Over dit bedrijf Vandejong is a branding agency founded in 1989. We are brand builders who build optimistic brands that connect people. We combine strategy and creativity to speed up change and innovation. At Vandejong, branding is about designing relationships. It’s about forging meaningful connections with the people and organisations you want to matter to. It’s about manifesting your ambitions so people can relate to your product or ideal. Your brand shows the world what you aim to achieve and how. It’s a personal bible with a concrete plan of action for today plus inspiration for tomorrow. A brand generates new energy, new decisiveness, new ideas, new products, new relationships, new style…
Dingen die we graag samen doen
  • Having dinner with new and old team members
  • Going to events, concerts, museums, galleries, festivals and parties
  • Going on our annual company trip
  • Going to movies for free with our Cineville-membership cards

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