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Friday night weekly round up at Blender (June 4)

It was great to be be privy to a one of Blender´s weekly round-ups!

Working on a new animation film, the weekly round- ups are a relaxed get together, where the animation/ rendering and software development teams have the chance to show what they got up to that week, what their difficulties there were and what they achieved. (e.g. New textures added, like the lead character´s ´dirty back´, where problems were fixed - the dragon´s belly no longer pops through his wing etc, etc...)

For someone who is interested in the arts in general and also the new spirit of sharing and openess which the the open-source software of Blender espouses, it was a real insight to see the working culture within which this new animation film is being produced. What struck me was the relaxed,...

tobrobs tobrobs
juni 7, 2010

The Blender Weekly: A Seemingly Pointless, But Extremely Valuable Team Meeting

Last Friday, Ali invited my mate Toby and I to the 'Blender Weekly', the team's weekly wrap-up meeting. Ali's working on a documentary to accompany the launch of Blender's current film production, Sintel.

The meeting's open to outsiders, and the main goal is sliding into a feel-good weekend. And with that, I place it in the category 'seemingly pointless, but extremely valuable'.

The guys told me they used to have meetings that would drag on and on, and on, and on, leaving everyone feeling shitty and stressed out at the end.

So they made a change

Monday mornings, the whole team sits down to discuss last week's progress, to give some feedback, and to set this week's goals. The rest of the week's...

Mundo Resink Mundo Resink
juni 6, 2010

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