Woedend! Magna Plaza

Digital Designer

A Woedend! job opening in Amsterdam

Creating something from nothing. Or find new forms in tightly controlled rules. You're the versatile designer who can do everything for the concepts we throw at you.

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The smoking room

This is a full-time job

Monday morning
Tuesday morning
Wednesday morning
Thursday morning
Friday morning
Monday afternoon
Tuesday afternoon
Wednesday afternoon
Thursday afternoon
Friday afternoon
Fixed hours

Our team counts 34 people

40% Women
60% Men
21 - 46 (Avg. 30)

This job’s benefits (salary and other perks)

  • Working with a team of good friends
  • Free lunch
  • Good coffee
  • Market norm salary

Atmosphere / Culture

Secretly we’re all still kids. Our workplace is an intriguing playground. Everything here revolves around fun and having adventures together. We’re the awesomest professional hobbyclub in the Netherlands. We do a lot of stuff together, from drinks to playing Fußball to gaming through the night. Coffee is very important here since it’s the fuel for the creative mind. We had our team members test which beans they like best and even had workshops on how to make the best coffee.

Things we like doing together

  • Drinking coffee
  • Fußball
  • Doing crazy stunts
  • Cook lunch on Thursdays
  • Poker nights

The work you'll be doing

Creating something from nothing. For all the concepts we throw at you (mobile, online, tablet), you can design something for it. Interfaces, illustrations, a totally new house style: you can put it together. You've been working with art directors and account for years and you work structured with complex interactive jobs. Confident and with a big mouth. Well, a clear opinion.

What we're looking for in you

  • At least 3 years of work experience at an interactive agency
  • You can fill in creative concepts and design briefings fast and beautifully
  • You make online designs with impact, from easy action website to complete (social) platforms
  • You can combine exciting design with the latest technical tricks on the internet, together with our developers
  • Able to work with InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and a bit of Flash

Things that interest/inspire us and stuff/products we love (to use)

Working with friends, Coffee, Cool artwork, Creating cool stuff, Games

Company activities

We began in 2000 from the belief that things could be done differently and better. We wanted to have fun and to humanize the world of communication. No art for the sakes of art, but strong ideas that can be used by all means. After our big breakthrough we felt like we could take the world. We work with clients on a high level thanks to various backgrounds we have. Traditional, but also the exact opposite. We’re an office of this era, and we were that already before that.

About this workplace

We’re based on the top floor of the Magna Plaza building, one of the few real malls in the Netherlands, it's an old building looking out on the Royal Palace and used to be the Head Post Office. We first moved in this building in 2004 with Woedend! In 2005 we started Woedend!Games in here, who later on became Vanguard Games and moved out. Now we have the whole Woedend! team in here. We think we've got a cool-looking workplace, it’s still an attic, like friends gathering and working together.

Contact information

Woedend!  |  Magna Plaza
Spuistraat 139 J
1012 SV Amsterdam, Netherlands
Woedend! website

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