LITE/DARK Locatie Utrechtsestraat & HQ

Juicer / Chocolate maker / Hostess

A LITE/DARK job opening in Amsterdam

We are looking for energetic & good looking juicers and chocolate makers for the coolest/hottest bar in town!

In addition, you'll be part of our event team, as a cocktail shaker or hostess at the coolest events.

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Fresh ingredients

This is a part-time job

Monday morning
Tuesday morning
Wednesday morning
Thursday morning
Friday morning
Saturday morning
Sunday morning
Monday afternoon
Tuesday afternoon
Wednesday afternoon
Thursday afternoon
Friday afternoon
Saturday afternoon
Sunday afternoon
18 hours a week | Flexible hours

Our team counts 9 people

90% Women
10% Men
20 - 38 (Avg. 22)

This job’s benefits (salary and other perks)

  • EUR 7,15 net + 10% sales bonus

Atmosphere / Culture

Open, you're running the show, your input and creativity defines our product offer. We like to tease, we like to challenge, we like to have fun.

Things we like doing together

  • party

The work you'll be doing

You're the impersonation of our brand. Your energy, temptation, flexibility and smile makes customers come back/beg for more. You run the bar, every aspect of it. In addition, you're the star of every event we cater. You're the temptation, you trigger and challenge people!

What we're looking for in you

  • You're good looking
  • You love fruit and chocolate
  • You're an excellent communicator
  • You're responsible and tidy
  • You give people energy

Things that interest/inspire us and stuff/products we love (to use)

fruit & chocolate, lifestyle, sports, music, parties

Company activities

LITE/DARK indulge you in a lifestyle of Energy and Temptation, a health concept of Fruit and healthy Dark Chocolate in any form. Frozen or pre-chopped fruit is só 2009, and milky chocolate is só far from healthy. Today is about real fresh and real dark. Today is about combining contradictions, fusing contrasts: edgy but clean, raw but tempting. Our Juice/Chocolatebars serve the most powerful organic Energy Shakes, the most tempting and intense Dark Hot Chocolates and anything in between.

About this workplace

Our Juice/Chocolatebar serves the most powerful organic Energy Shakes, the most tempting and intense Dark Hot Chocolates and anything in between. From this location we also cater events, which you will be hosting in a tempting LITE/DARK outfit.

Contact information

LITE/DARK  |  Locatie Utrechtsestraat & HQ
Utrechtsestraat 22
1017 VN Amsterdam, Netherlands
LITE/DARK website

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