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Front-end Developer

Een Indivirtual vacature in Amsterdam

Together with the other Front-end Developers you're responsible for translating visual designs to quality XHTML templates (including CSS and scripts). W3C standards form your basis, you're also familiar with government guidelines about accessibility.

Dit is een fulltime baan

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Ons team telt 50 mensen

4% Women
96% Men
21 - 52 (Gem. 30)

Salaris(indicatie), extra's en/of voordelen

  • You'll be working in an informal culture, together with positive and ambitious people who love to make beautiful things.
  • You'll be working at the MediArena Studios complex; a fantastic location with excellent facilities and various creative initiatives.
  • We offer a good salary, a solid pension scheme, a net remuneration for phone/internet, compensation for travel expenses based on public transport, and a powerful laptop.
  • We offer 25 days off and 2 event days that we'd like to spend together by taking a social or sportive trip.
  • At Indivirtual we support and inspire you with professional trainings, events, and workshops.

Sfeer / Cultuur

Indivirtual has a clear but rather flat organisational structure. Next to management, each project team has a project lead, but this is a practical role, not a strict hierarchical one. Company culture could be described as professional and informal. Professional because the team works for and with clients, making things that need critical uptime; informal, because everyone knows and can approach each other - and you don't have to wear a suit to land yourself a spot here.

Dingen die we graag samen doen

  • Knowledge share sessions.
  • Having events with growing sponsors.
  • First Fridays.
  • Going on a skiing holiday every 2 years.
  • LAN parties with food and drinks.

Het werk dat je zal doen

We expect the Front-end Developer to be up to date of the latest developments in your area of expertise. You know the various platforms' and browsers' power and limitations and to realize fitting solutions for different situations. At Indivirtual you'll be working with Visual Designers and Interaction Designers on one side, and with web developers on the other. You also have direct contact with the Project Managers when it comes to both the content and planning of projects.

Wat we van je vragen

  • You're familiar with the W3C standards and preferably know about the accessibility requirements.
  • For this position you can distinguish yourself by your skills in the field of XML and XSLT, experience with programming in C# or Java, knowledge about Photoshop, and/or experience with Flash and Action Script 3.
  • You're experienced in the development for internet- and mobile browsers and resolutions.
  • You have demonstrable knowledge in XHTML, CSS and JavaScript (preferably jQuery) and are capable of object-oriented thinking.
  • A degree at an University of Applied Sciences.
  • At least 3 years of experience in front-end development of interactive websites and/or applications. You can show this in your portfolio which contains concrete projects.

Onze interesses/inspiratiebronnen en favoriete spullen/producten

Apple, Google, snowboarding, everything surrounding technology


Indivirtual is one of the top Full Service Internet Agencies in the Netherlands. They’ve had a long history with various clients. They believe in quality and achieve this by investing in their staff. This does not only include salary, but also personal counselling, knowledge sharing, a comfortable work environment and occasionally nice events. Life at the company is rather dynamic. People can work on a certain project one day and then switch to a completely different client the next day.

Over deze werkplek

Indivirtual are based in Amsterdam, right next to the Arena football stadium in MediArena Studios. The building is shared with other companies like Endemol, Business Models Inc and Schweppes. Currently the Indivirtual team consists of 50 members and is very much a combination of creative and technical people. The company doesn’t outsource this, keeping talent inside the company.


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