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Behind the scenes: How we’re learning to sell WOVOX (and to have fun doing it)

Behind the scenes: How we're learning to sell WOVOX (and to have fun doing it)

Sales is not a dirty thing Harry. Scary, perhaps, but not dirty. And whatever it is, you’re gonna have to do it one way or another if you’re to make your start-up work. So you might as well make the ride a fun one. Here’s a look at some of the things we’ve been learning the past year, thanks in part to a really amazing workshop we had this week.  Read more…

Workcycles Workshop

A couple of weeks ago I visited Alexis & Henry for a lunch-time break at Workcycles in Amsterdam.

Not your typical workshop, WorkCycles combines office space, ensuite kitchen, showroom, and kitchen in one beautiful corner on the Amsterdam canals.

Have a wander round, and check out the ‘menu of the day’!
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Old News in Trouw

Industrial Revival on the Wibautstraat in Amsterdam. This is where newspaper Trouw used to roll out its paper; now it houses ‘Trouw‘, a club, restaurant, and venue with some really, really sleek decoration.

I co-created a fun and inspiring visualization workshop here yesterday with Knowledgeland‘s Images for the Future team. Enjoy, and watch out for the one remaining souvenir of newspaper days gone by!