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Here’s to play at work (a manifesto)!

Here's to play at work (a manifesto)!

For me, you, and everyone we know who sometimes (or all the time) gets stuck in the seriousness of work: here’s to the value of play!

Brilliant talk at TEDxBulgaria, with a nice example of workplace transformation through play: Read more…

Is doing what you love just doing it?

Is doing what you love just doing it

Back in March, the TEDx Amsterdam people seized the opportunity of TED’s US conference to host a live screening in Amsterdam’s City Theatre. Everyone was welcome, and they invited people to submit their own 3-minute talks for the evening.

I’ve slowly been coming to terms with some creative drive that really, really wants to play. So I seized my day and gratefully (plus very anxiously) received a slot in the live program. The evening came packed with very high-caliber – and often funny – talks on stage and screen. And with so many like-minded ideas gone by, I felt it impossible to just drone out my rehearsal.  Read more…