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Is doing what you love just doing it?

Is doing what you love just doing it

Back in March, the TEDx Amsterdam people seized the opportunity of TED’s US conference to host a live screening in Amsterdam’s City Theatre. Everyone was welcome, and they invited people to submit their own 3-minute talks for the evening.

I’ve slowly been coming to terms with some creative drive that really, really wants to play. So I seized my day and gratefully (plus very anxiously) received a slot in the live program. The evening came packed with very high-caliber – and often funny – talks on stage and screen. And with so many like-minded ideas gone by, I felt it impossible to just drone out my rehearsal.  Read more…

Work is love made visible

Work is love made visible

This is the transcript of the short TEDxAmsterdam talk I gave at the beginning of March this year.

There’s a bakery in Amsterdam that captivates me every time I visit. And it’s not just the taste of the bread that does it. It’s the working atmosphere, the passionately relaxed vibe and the attention given to each customer (like the staff helping me understand the concept of sourdough bread-making, not minding the Saturday crowd lining up behind me).

A while back, while standing in line, I started taking pictures to see if I could capture some of that magic. Before long, owner Fred Tiggelman came up to ask me what my interest was. Two minutes later I found myself inside the bakery, taking snapshots of the flour mill, the ovens, talking to the bakery team, and embarking on a 90 minute guided tour of the company. By the owner himself. On a Saturday afternoon. Probably the busiest moment of the week. Read more…