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About lunching together (food for thought)

A friend told me this:

The word ‘company’ comes from Latin: ‘com’ means with or together; ‘panis’ means bread. So originally it referred to people sharing a meal.

That gave me a whole new meaning to the importance of lunching together

  • Walk away from work and sit down together.
  • Share your meal, your experiences, successes, failures and your ideas.
  • Talk about nothing, or be quiet.
  • Get to know and understand each other better.
  • Get up energized and eager to create some cool stuff.

The best conversations almost always happen over a meal.

So how do you lunch at work?
Feel free to inspire us in the comments! Here’s how these companies do it: Read more…

This transparency thing’s helping us (for crying out loud!)


This past decade saw the rise and settle of transparency: it’s here to stay. Today, there’s truly nowhere to hide. So doing the good thing’s becoming less of a company luxury.

Personally, we’ve never been more naked
And the beauty in is: the more we show our human side, the more we allow others to do the same.

It’s never been a secret that EVERY single person in the world farts on a regular basis. But thanks to Internet, I’m very confident that very soon we’ll all feel free to stop pretending that it is (and accept each other for who we are: a big bunch of farting people for instance).

Or will we?
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More Choice = Better Choices?

More Choice = Better Choices?

I had quite a fiery talk with a good friend about choice and passion.

I had my view, he had his. And I’m still sticking to mine, but I have to admit my foundations are shaking (and I’m still in a good mood). Read more…