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How companies do it: lunch


Every company is unique. They might have customs that seem the same, but they each do them in their own way. In this series we’ll be taking a look at how different companies do these seemingly similar things. This week: lunch.

For many companies lunch time is the only moment where everybody comes together in an informal setting. The team prepares foods, eats, talks and refuels for the rest of the day. This week we’ll be taking a closer look at how five different companies enjoy their “most important meal of the day”.

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About lunching together (food for thought)

A friend told me this:

The word ‘company’ comes from Latin: ‘com’ means with or together; ‘panis’ means bread. So originally it referred to people sharing a meal.

That gave me a whole new meaning to the importance of lunching together

  • Walk away from work and sit down together.
  • Share your meal, your experiences, successes, failures and your ideas.
  • Talk about nothing, or be quiet.
  • Get to know and understand each other better.
  • Get up energized and eager to create some cool stuff.

The best conversations almost always happen over a meal.

So how do you lunch at work?
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Workcycles Workshop

A couple of weeks ago I visited Alexis & Henry for a lunch-time break at Workcycles in Amsterdam.

Not your typical workshop, WorkCycles combines office space, ensuite kitchen, showroom, and kitchen in one beautiful corner on the Amsterdam canals.

Have a wander round, and check out the ‘menu of the day’!
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Meet Seats2Meet

A guided tour at Seats2Meet, a (net)working place in the centre of Utrecht, Holland. Amazing reception (in design and in the person of Marielle Sijgers), colourful gathering spaces, and a very cosy office. Judge for yourself.