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Behind the scenes: How we’re learning to sell WOVOX (and to have fun doing it)

Behind the scenes: How we're learning to sell WOVOX (and to have fun doing it)

Sales is not a dirty thing Harry. Scary, perhaps, but not dirty. And whatever it is, you’re gonna have to do it one way or another if you’re to make your start-up work. So you might as well make the ride a fun one. Here’s a look at some of the things we’ve been learning the past year, thanks in part to a really amazing workshop we had this week.  Read more…

In the Spotlight: 10 companies with trophy corners

Brand new Telly

I remember being embarrassed by my parents for displaying my trophies on the shelf. Companies are a bit like proud parents: they like having their own trophy corners, they use their own pride as a decoration.

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In the Spotlight: 5 Celebrities who work at offices

Captain America - Super Heroes

It’s a great experience to visit small offices in the middle of Amsterdam, because that’s how you really get to know companies you didn’t know even existed. But, on occasion, we also get to see some familiar faces.

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Behind the scenes @WOVOX – Friday night escape at Pitchrs

Don't want to stop working? Go to Pitchrs

Fridays can be dreadful. You have to stop working and do weekend. Luckily, I found an escape at Pitchrs last week. Phew.

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In the spotlight: 10 great office views

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Why does a civil servant never stare out of the window at home? Because he wouldn’t have anything left to do at work.

Kidding aside, who doesn’t like spending some time looking at the world outside your office? Everyone does, but that doesn’t mean we’re all uninspired employees. An office with a great view can be essential to motivate a person. It’s like having a high resolution moving panoramic poster on the walls. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a location is worth a million.

A beautiful landscape could mean the difference between an inspired and uninspired day at the office. So here are 10 offices with inspiring views.

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