All partnered up; now we’re going up (in the air)!

Over the last year, we’ve partnered up with Wolters Kluwer‘s Binnenlands Bestuur.

Today’s a little cause for celebration: they’ve started approaching their clients with news of WOVOX and our partnership.

And our partnership looks a little something like this…

This frame:

The WOVOX widget as it will show up next to vacancies on's website.

Will show up next to job vacancies on the Binnenlands Bestuur website:'s vacancy with the WOVOX Frame embedded

So now it’s full steam ahead to fill WOVOX with inspiring content!

Help us by adding your workplace on WOVOX? It’s free and easy, and we’d love to see where you get things done all day!

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  • Kees Romkes

    Pretty cool guys ! Can we expect the widget for other businesses as well ?

  • Mundo Resink

    Cheers Christof!

  • Christof

    Congrats man. Looks good.