Behind the scenes: The Sinterklaas Promo


As you all know, or bound to know, we organized a Sinterklaas promo a couple of weeks ago. This resulted in lots of stress and blisters from wrapping chocolate letters. But thankfully also a lot of laughs and great responses from companies all around the world. Curious to see of how much help they were?

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How do you turn different departments into one team? Here’s how eBay does it.


We recently toured Berlin, got to meet some amazing companies and heard their stories. And then a funny thing happened: one company told us about their struggle in creating more team spirit between different departments; the next company we met handed us their solution on a golden plate. Coincidence?

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Awesome offices: Dublin – our third in a series together with The Next Web

The Next Web: Dublin

One, two, and now number three. We just released our third article about awesome startup offices on The Next Web. This time featuring the city of leprechauns, Guinness and St. Patrick’s Day. Dublin’s one big candy store full of interesting offices, and just got even better with Google’s latest and greatest!

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What would your dream job be? This time we asked people in Berlin, and here’s what they said.

What would your dream job be? This time we asked people in Berlin, and here's what they said

Last month, in between company visits, Thierry, Stefan and Michel found time to ask our beloved Berliners what their dream job would be. One of their responses was ‘semi-naked tourist guide’…

Watch the video below and feel free to post your own answers! You can post them in the comments below, or head to our Facebook page.

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Behind the scenes: How we’re learning to sell WOVOX (and to have fun doing it)

Behind the scenes: How we're learning to sell WOVOX (and to have fun doing it)

Sales is not a dirty thing Harry. Scary, perhaps, but not dirty. And whatever it is, you’re gonna have to do it one way or another if you’re to make your start-up work. So you might as well make the ride a fun one. Here’s a look at some of the things we’ve been learning the past year, thanks in part to a really amazing workshop we had this week.  Read more…