Joining WOVOX? Great!

Here are some pointers to help you along

Add quality before quantity

We prefer seeing a few things with spirit than a lot of stuff without depth. An authentic mobile phone pic's worth much more than a non-descript €1000 pose shot. And 30-second videos that put a smile on our faces beat the crap out of rehearsed performances.

So what's quality? Anything from your heart: it's more poetry than all the marketing that money can buy.

Your experience matters

We love to see what goes on where you work and how it makes you feel. And yes, the small things are important too: great, sad or joyful stories may come from the most unlikely places. So if there's a story behind your coffee cup, great! Show the cup and explain what it means to you! (Of course, pictures and videos of actual work and the place are also nice...)

Be true

Throw it all out if you want: that's what WOVOX is for. And feel free to be critical: people may learn something. But be honest and sincere (that's kind of a thing for life isn't it?). Read our very interesting Legal stuff for more on being true.

Be real

A dating site only works if people show who they are instead of who they want to be. If you don't work in a skyscraper with marble ceilings, well, you get the picture... Just let your workplace culture do the talking. And celebrate it in all its glory: lovely, stuffy, beautiful, ugly, honest, real!