Your privacy is yours, not ours.

Here’s how we guard it.

1. Intro

We, the WOVOX Team, know we need to protect your privacy if we want to be great at what we do.

This privacy statement tells you how we process and protect your personal data.

  • It covers all of the WOVOX platform, but doesn’t apply to entities that WOVOX doesn’t own or control (e.g. applications and websites using the WOVOX platform).
  • By accessing, using and/or signing up for WOVOX (and enjoying the life-changing benefits your personal account will obviously bring you), you agree to our privacy practices as outlined in this Privacy statement.

About your private parts...

  • We process and secure your personal data properly and carefully, in line with the Dutch Data Protection Act (Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens).
  • We’ve registered the processing of personal data with the Dutch Personal Data Protection Authority (College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens - CBP). It’s filed neatly under number 1459931, and you can find it here (WOVOX is an official trading name of MARS media BV, a Dutch workplace).

If you have any questions, doubts or comments about the stuff in this Privacy statement, feel free to contact us!

2. Information we receive

2.1. You don’t have to give it to us

  • You don’t need to sign up for WOVOX if you just wanna take a look and snoop around.
  • So feel free to browse all you want: we ask for nothing in return, except that you behave like a well-mannered user and respect our Legal stuff.

2.2. Signing up

  • When you sign up for and use any of our services, you give permission to WOVOX to collect, transfer, store, and use your personal data as described in this Privacy Statement.
  • No matter which country or planet you’re from, WOVOX may use your personal data in the Netherlands or in any other country where WOVOX operates.

2.3. Everyone’s welcome!

  • You’re free to make use of the services the WOVOX team provides and to register with the WOVOX platform.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, Christian or Muslim, girl or boy - we love all of you!
  • But if you’re under the age of sixteen, you need to get permission from your parents or guardians before you create an account.
  • By creating an account and accepting the WOVOX Legal stuff and Privacy statement, you confirm you’re at least sixteen years old or that your parents or guardians gave you permission to register.

3. Sharing information on WOVOX

3.1. Your Profile

When you sign up for WOVOX, you get to key in some basic personal data such as the name(s) your mummy and daddy gave you, your username, email address and password.

Some of these things, like your username, a few words about yourself, and any links you provide to your website(s) and/or social media profile(s):

  • will be visible on your profile page (which you can update to add or delete any of that info).
  • will also be shown on the pages where you add stuff to WOVOX (next to photos for instance). But this information won’t be shown when you add stuff anonymously (check provision 3.3 in this Privacy Statement for more info).

3.2. Adding stuff to WOVOX

Most of the stuff you add to WOVOX is information you’re asking us to make public.

  • This includes photos, videos, job openings, titles, descriptions, tags and other data (such as when you added or updated the information).
  • All of these things are on public display the moment you add them to the website, just so you know (and to keep you motivated to do good spelling).

3.3. Remaining anonymous

Don’t want your fifteen minutes of fame?

  • WOVOX provides users with an option to add stuff or comments anonymously.
  • By ticking the ‘add anonymously’ box when you add stuff, other website users and viewers won’t be able to trace that content back to you.
  • When you do this, even we at WOVOX have no idea about who you are and what your favourite colours are.
  • We do, however, use tokens to track and remove naughty anonymous users and their content. But we always do this without personally identifying them (check provision 7.1 in this Privacy Statement for more information).

4. How you can change or remove information

4.1. Stuff you can do yourself

  • You can access, change or remove your username, email address, website, and any other personal data you provide, by signing up and/or by updating your profile.
  • You can also change & remove content by using the ‘edit’ or ‘delete’ features. But only the user who adds (a) photo(s) or video(s), or creates a job opening, can edit or delete that content.
  • Check our Support site for tips, tricks and more info.

4.2. Stuff you can ask us

  • You can always ask us which of the personal data relating to you we process. Drop us a line via ; we’ll provide you with this information within four weeks after receiving your request.
  • If you wish to correct, supplement, delete or block the personal data that are being processed, you can request us to do so. Visit our Support site to see how you can do this and which information we need from you (this allows us to help you in the best way). We’ll inform you within four weeks after receiving your request whether and to what extent we can comply with your request.

5. How We Use Your Information

5.1. To help us help you

WOVOX uses your information to provide you with a service.

  • The personal data you share with us, stuff you add to the WOVOX platform, pages you visit and buttons you click, all help us measure, analyze, and improve our services, features, and to deliver you with the right support.
  • We also use this information to track potential abusive, anomalous (which is an expensive word for ‘abnormal’), illegal or otherwise naughty activity.
  • But we always do this without messing with your privacy (check provision 7.1 in this Privacy Statement for more information).

5.2. To contact you

We may use your email address to drop you a personal line or to keep you up to date on what’s happening on WOVOX.

You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time:

  • by following the instructions within the email message;
  • by adjusting your account settings.

5.3. To connect you with a nice job opening and/or workplace

We may inform you of job openings:

  • that other users with similar skills and/or interests to you applied for;
  • based on the information you provide on your profile page;

We may also suggest your profile to an employer, but we won’t provide anyone with personal data beyond the stuff you asked us to make public.

We only do these things if you allow us to. You can adjust your account settings to indicate your preferences.

5.4. To eat cookies

Before you draw any conclusions:

  • A cookie, in Internet-speak, is a small data file that ends up in your computer’s hard disk.
  • It’s used by browsers to gather additional information on how someone uses a website.

The WOVOX platform may use cookies to:

  • get a better feel of how you interact with the website and use its services;
  • recognize your computer when you visit the website again (not to recognize you personally);
  • keep track of your preferences (such as language settings).

WOVOX uses so-called “session cookies”.

  • These are deleted when you close your browser.
  • WOVOX also collects information via temporary cookies. These are deleted when you don’t visit the WOVOX website or use its services for 60 days.

Most Internet browsers automatically munch cookies.

  • You can tell your browser to stop accepting cookies or to let you know before accepting cookies from websites.
  • You can do this via your browser’s options or settings. If you disable cookies, some of WOVOX’ delicious features may not work for you.

Only WOVOX has access to your cookies.

  • They won’t be available to other users, advertisers or other companies.
  • We do all of this to improve our services: we don’t require them when you’re just searching or viewing workplaces.

5.5. For third party services

Some of WOVOX’ services come from third parties to help us provide and improve our own.

  • This includes hosting and tools such as Google Analytics (which helps us get insights on how the WOVOX platform and services are being used).
  • These third parties may also collect information from your browser.
  • Check the Google Analytics Privacy overview to see how it treats your, ehm, privacy.
  • Other third parties used by WOVOX’ services only use technical information from your browser, nothing that can identify you personally or which may link to personally identifiable attributes. One example is page load times.

6. How We Share Information (now and in the future)

6.1. Via your consent

  • When you sign up for WOVOX and its services you agree to WOVOX sharing information with third parties.
  • We do this mainly to provide you with our services in the coolest and awesomest ways.
  • But there may also be other reasons. Provisions 5.5. and 6.2. to 6.8 of this Privacy statement explain all the possible ways in which we may share information.
  • If you don’t want us to share certain information: visit our Support site and learn how you can tell us not to.

6.2. When you apply for a job

  • The WOVOX platform or you yourself will send the company in question a message that contains your name and (a link to) any other information you made public. The company in question may also receive reminders with the same information.
  • The WOVOX platform or the company in question will be able to see who accepted your application, to send reminders, or to invite you for an interview.

6.3. To help companies with (a) job opening(s) find you

  • Certain (personal) data you shared and/or posted on your profile may be used by people and/or companies to find you.
  • But you’ll have control over whether or not they’re allowed to do this.

6.4. To improve or promote our services

  • We may share collective information with third parties to help improve our services or to make them known.
  • But we always make sure no individual users can be identified or linked to personally identifiable attributes (those last three words are expensive ways of saying ‘stuff that people can use to identify you’).

6.5. To offer joint services

We engage the services of some trusted third parties to do tasks, provide services to us and to make our (working) lives easier and more fun.

Your personal data may be shared with these third parties, but only:

  • as much as is needed to do those tasks and provide such services;
  • by sticking to the rules and protections of this Privacy Statement.

6.6. When you use a third party (web) client to access your WOVOX account

  • One example we can think of is password management software that remembers your WOVOX username and password so you don’t have to.
  • We obviously can’t check and don’t take responsibility for how that software and the people who built it treat your (personal) information and data.

6.7. To respond to legal requests

We want to keep our community clean and wholesome for everyone. We may (have to) share information:

  • if we’re obliged to do so on the basis of the law, regulations, codes of conduct, or final or provisionally enforceable court orders;
  • when it’s necessary for us to do so with respect to the security and safety of the WOVOX platform and/or (a) person(s);
  • if we reasonably suspect you to be involved with infringing or unlawful activities;
  • and/or to protect WOVOX' rights or property.

Rest assured that we’ll always proceed with the greatest care and that we’ll consult some smart legal experts before we share anything!

6.8. In case of a change in management or control

  • Should there be a change in part or in whole, of ownership, control, or management over the WOVOX business and platform, we may transfer your information to the new owner to ensure continuity of service.
  • In such an event, your information remains subject to the promises made by the Privacy Statement as outlined at the time of the change.

7. How we protect information

7.1. Steps we take to keep (your) information secure

  • We keep your account information and other personal data on a secured server behind a firewall.
  • We also use automated and social measures to enhance security, such as analyzing account behavior for fraudulent or otherwise anomalous (an expensive word for ‘the kind of weird that stretches beyond even our standards of weird’) behaviour.
  • We may limit the use of the WOVOX platform’s features in response to possible signs of abuse or other very, very naughty behaviour.
  • We may remove inappropriate content or links to illegal content and we may suspend or disable accounts for violations of our Legal stuff.
  • We can’t personally identify users who add stuff anonymously. Stuff added anonymously is stored using a unique token based on the user’s IP-address. We’ve encrypted it in such a way that we can’t actually retrieve that user’s IP-address, only distinguish between anonymous users via the tokens generated to identify that user.
  • This allows us to analyze account behaviour, impose limitations on features, remove inappropriate content or links to illegal content, or deny users access to the platform, while safeguarding users’ anonimity.
  • And now in normal people language: anonymous users remain anonymous at all times, even to us, and even when we take action regarding specific anonymous users.
  • Be sure to check our Legal stuff and User guidelines to see how you can be a good, good user.

7.2. Risks that come with sharing information

We allow you to set privacy options that limit access to your information and/or personal data, and we do everything in our power to protect it, but please be aware that no security measures are perfect or impenetrable (humans and robots are only human)!

  • We can’t control the actions of other users with whom you share your information and/or personal data.
  • We can’t guarantee that only authorized persons will view your information and/or personal data.
  • We can’t ensure that information and/or personal data you privately share on WOVOX won’t become publicly available.
  • We’re not responsible for third parties who outsmart, elude or outfox any of the privacy or security measures on WOVOX.

You can reduce these risks by:

  • Using common sense (e.g.: not sharing your password with other people).
  • Choosing a strong password, regularly changing it and using different passwords for different services.
  • Using antivirus software and keeping it up to date.

7.3. Report Violations

  • You can help us (and yourself) to keep everything nice, safe and clean!
  • Please report any (security) violations via our Support site.

8. Changes to this Privacy statement

We're constantly improving the WOVOX website and services.

  • And we always do this in tune with our mission and vision.
  • We’ll be updating this Privacy Statement when it needs tweaking, but we’ll notify you in good time before we do this.
  • You’ll always find the most recent version on this website.

We welcome your thoughts!

  • Remarks, ideas, questions, rants & raves about this Privacy Statement?
  • Drop us a note via

9. General Privacy Statement thingies

This website and its services are offered to you under Dutch national law exclusively.

  • We favour alternative dispute resolutions over those settled in a court of law in Amsterdam, and we'll accept all honest invitations to negotiate and/or mediate.
  • Only in second instance, when we can't figure it out, will a dispute be brought exclusively before the competent court of law in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Read more about this on our very interesting Legal stuff page.

10. And (finally!) about our Privacy Statement

We only reserve some rights for it.