By using the WOVOX website and its services, you agree to the following provisions (which you'll love checking out of course):

1. Adding Stuff

1.1 Be Good

You're solely responsible for any content (photos, videos, reviews, comments) and other material that you add to and display on the WOVOX website. You'll provide content you believe to be true, and you won't purposely provide any false or misleading information. We know this seems a bit iffy (after all, how can your experience be subject to 'truth'?), so take a look at provision 4 (The WOVOX Code), and read our user guidelines for more info.

1.2. Content Licensing

Any content you add to the WOVOX website will be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivatives license. Sounds complicated, but it simply means this: we (other users & the WOVOX team) are free to share and remix your stuff, even for commercial purposes, provided that 1) we credit you for it ('Attribution'), unless you add content anonymously (in which case credit goes to WOVOX); and 2) we don’t alter, transform or build upon your work (“No Derivatives”).

Any content owned and uploaded by the WOVOX team will be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license. It’s pretty much the same license, with the added condition that people can’t use it for commercial purposes without our express written permission.

Why these licenses?
Both licenses help us to stay afloat as a company (i.e.: make some money), while making clear to you what we (other users & the WOVOX Team) can and can't do with your stuff.

N.B.: we add these licenses to anything uploaded to Embedded items, like videos for instance, don’t fall under these licenses. Check our Some rights reserved page for more info. On a side note: if you have a batch of extremely valuable content, and you want to share it on our website but under a different license: feel free to contact us!

2. Taking and sharing stuff

Unless stated otherwise, all content on the WOVOX website is licensed under one of the Creative Commons licenses as mentioned in provision 1.2.

We encourage you to take it, show it off elsewhere, and to spread the love, provided that you:

  • Stick to the license conditions as specified for the content you’re sharing (see provision 1.2).
  • Provide a link back to the specific WOVOX page where you got the content from.

For any content licensed under different terms than those described under 1.2., stick to the terms as specified under those different terms.

3. Registering with WOVOX & managing your account

Be welcome, register with us, and enjoy the life-changing benefits of your personal account!
But (and this is no 'please'):

  • Don't give out false personal information, and don't create an account for anyone other than yourself without permission from that person (also see provision 4.2).
  • Don't share your login details, let other people access your account, or do anything else that puts your account's security at risk.
  • Don't transfer your account to anyone without getting our expressly stated permission first.

4. The WOVOX Code (of conduct)

Some of this comes down to plain common sense (check our user guidelines). But other stuff's a bit more complicated — and important. So please pay attention.

4.1. General conduct

Any content you add to the WOVOX website, as well as comments you add to other people's content and comments, relates to companies and their workplaces.
We encourage you to speak your mind, but:

  • Don't add content, write about, or comment about stuff you're not allowed to disclose because of a contractual or fiduciary relationship. Think of insider information, proprietary information, or confidential information as part of employment relationships or nondisclosure agreements.
  • The same goes for any content or communication that infringes upon patents, trademarks, and trade secrets.

4.2. Protect other people's & companies' rights

Again, we want you to voice your opinion — it's part of why WOVOX exists.

  • Don't add content or communicate anything that falls under, but isn't limited to, this annoyingly long list: pornography, obscenities, unfounded statements, insults, prejudice, racism, hatred, or swear words.
  • Don't direct generally offensive statements and communication towards one or more users of the WOVOX platform.
  • Don't post content or take any action on the WOVOX platform that violates the rights, privacy or publicity of any person or party. Think of identification documents or sensitive financial information, but also stalking, harassment, or personal information about another person such as their address, email, and phone number.
  • Don't impersonate another person (See the Wikipedia article on Identity Theft). It's unfair to that person, if only because no one does a better job at being that person than that person.
  • Don't pretend to be connected to a company or business when you're not. And don't falsely add content or communicate anything as a representative, co-worker, employee, team member, etc.

4.3. Advertising uncalled for

We don't take kindly to, and so we don't allow, people — or bots — who upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, "junk mail", "spam", "chain letters", "pyramid schemes", or any other form of fancy-worded solicitation.
This includes, but isn't limited to:

  • Submitting stories or comments linking back to affiliate programs, multi-level marketing schemes, or sites and blogs with advertising purposes.
  • Using WOVOX to connect to people who don't know you and to send them any of that stuff.

4.4. Intellectual Property

You'll only add content to this website for which you own the intellectual property rights to do so. These rights include, but are not limited to, privacy and publication rights.
For any content subject to rights that belong to a third party — or third parties, you can:

  • Not add it. Or, better yet…
  • Make sure you have an official license, or official permission to add that content to the WOVOX website under the terms as stated under 1.2.

And on a side note: if you have a batch of extremely valuable content, and you want to share it on our website but under a different license: contact us!

5. Protect our rights (we only reserve some)

Unless stated otherwise, all content on the WOVOX website is licensed under one of the Creative Commons licenses as mentioned in provision 1.2. We encourage you to share it without our permission, as long as you stick to the specific license conditions. Check our Some rights reserved page for more info. The word "WOVOX", whether integrated into a larger whole or standing alone, is a registered trademark. We retain full, unrestrained, uninhibited, and sole discretion to revoke this trademark license for any reason whatsoever (or for no specified reason at all, whahahaa!).

6. Information you may find on the WOVOX website

On the WOVOX website, users can provide and (publicly) display information about companies, workplaces, and themselves.

6.1. Disclaimer (i.e.: not our responsibility)

We reserve the right to monitor activity and content on the WOVOX website, but we're not obliged to do so. One of our aims is to have a very, very, very energetic and fun platform, so we can't actively monitor all of the content on the website (we need to rest, eat, and sleep sometimes as well). We do our best to guide WOVOX users towards a path of good behaviour, but they may, on occasion, choose to be very, very naughty.

So you may find yourself exposed to stuff that you find offensive or objectionable.

  • You understand that all content publicly posted on the WOVOX website or privately transmitted through the WOVOX service is the sole responsibility of the users who added it.
  • We, the WOVOX Company, can't guarantee and can't be held accountable for the authenticity, accuracy, integrity or quality of any content that users provide — about themselves, about their experiences or opinions about companies, workplaces, and their people, or about the relationships they describe having with these companies. This includes links to third-party sites, products, and services.

6.2. Help us keep the site in good nick

If you come across content that violates something under provision 4, please flag it as inappropriate, be heard, and help us keep the site in good nick!

6.3. Notify us

If you believe that content posted on the WOVOX website violates one or more of your rights, be it as an individual user or as a representative of a workplace listed on our platform, we'll provide you with the tools to help you protect those rights. To learn more, visit the Report a violation section on our Support site. Note that we'll always try and work with the user in question to remove the violations. If we've removed your content for violating someone else's rights, and you believe we removed it by mistake, we'll provide you with an opportunity to appeal. To learn more, visit the same section on our Support site.

6.4. If you're angry with us

We'll always try to solve any dispute you may have with us, and we'll do this with love (see provision 8). We only ask that you do the same with us.

6.5. If you violate our Legal stuff

We reserve the right to remove any content you post on the WOVOX website if we believe it violates our Legal stuff. We may also, with or without cause, immediately terminate your WOVOX account and access to our service without prior notice (we prefer not to obviously, so we'll do everything to work with you on a solution first). If you violate our Legal stuff, you will be liable for any damages and/or costs which we, the WOVOX team, incur as a result. Check our Privacy statement to see how we handle your private parts.

7. Changes to the terms & conditions in this Legal stuff

We're constantly improving the WOVOX website and services. And we always do this in tune with our mission and vision. We’ll be updating this Legal stuff when it needs tweaking, but we’ll notify you in good time before we do this. You’ll always find the most recent version on this website.

8. General WOVOX legal thingies

This website and its services are offered to you under Dutch national law exclusively. We favour alternative dispute resolutions over those settled in a court of law in Amsterdam, and we'll accept all honest invitations to negotiate and/or mediate. Only in second instance, when we can't figure it out, will a dispute be brought before the competent court of law in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. WOVOX is an official trading name of MARS media BV, a Dutch workplace.

9. And (finally!), about our legal stuff

We only reserve some rights for our Legal stuff text. It's licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license (check the link for more information). Feel free to use them for your own good; just stick to the license conditions!

10. OK, one more, about paying us for stuff you buy on WOVOX (woohoo!)

Unless we state otherwise, you can use the WOVOX website and its related services free of charge. But since we also want to make some money, we will state otherwise in certain cases and therefore ask for some of the stuff that occupies your wallet.

10.1 Pricing

  • For paid services, we’ll state the amounts for those services on the website.
  • Prices exclude VAT, unless we state otherwise. We reserve the right to change our prices without prior notice. These changes will of course not be applicable to services you’ve already paid for.
  • The way in which we may relieve you of some of your money will be described on the website.
  • The time duration of the product or service that you buy from us, e.g. the maximum number of months a job opening can stay online, will also be described on the website.

10.2 Credits

  • Some of your purchases on WOVOX may come in the form of credits. You don’t own those credits: instead, you have a limited right to use those credits in connection with certain features on WOVOX, such as posting a job opening.
  • Unless we state otherwise, the credits you buy are non-refundable to the full extent permitted by law.
  • You won’t sell credits to anyone, or transfer them to anyone outside of WOVOX.
  • You can’t redeem credits from us for any sum of money or monetary value, unless we agree otherwise in writing or unless we’re required by law to do so.
  • We may, at times, issue free or promotional credits to you. But we may also expire these at any time. So we advise you to put them to good use and not to leave them lying around for too long.
  • If you leave a credit balance unused for the period of time set forth by your state, country, or other governing body in its unclaimed property laws, or if you delete your account while still containing a credit balance, or if we deactivate your account and you don’t meet the required conditions to reinstate it within six (6) months, we may process your balance in accordance with our legal obligations, which includes submitting funds associated with your credit balance to the appropriate governing body as required by law.

10.3 Payment methods and details

  • If you’re using a direct debit method of payment (which means: allowing us to withdraw funds from your account), you’ll ensure that there’s enough money on your bank account for us to collect the required amount.
  • You’re responsible for the accuracy of the payment details you provide, which includes but isn’t limited to your account number and the personal details linked to that account.

10.4 Pay on time please

  • In case you don’t pay us directly (e.g.: subscription, periodical payment and/or payment by invoice), you’ll pay the amount due as mentioned in the agreement for that payment. If we don’t mention a time limit for your payment, you’ll pay us within thirty (30) days of the date of the agreement or invoice for that payment.
  • If you fail to pay us within that time limit, we’ll send you a friendly reminder. We reserve the right to include in that friendly reminder, in addition to the agreed upon amount, a service charge and a new time limit for payment. You’ll also be liable to pay interest at the rate of 1,5% per month or part thereof on any unpaid fees until you’ve paid the full amount due.
  • If you then don’t pay us within the new time limit as mentioned, we’ll send you another, even friendlier reminder, which will include exhortation costs on top of the costs already mentioned.
  • All judicial and extrajudicial costs that we incur in the collection of the amount that you’re due, including the costs of legal assistance, will be met by you.

10.5 Force majeure (ooh la la!)

  • Ready? Here we go: Force majeure applies to WOVOX when we, the WOVOX team, are being impeded in our obligations under the agreement(s) we’ve made with you, or when we’re impeded in preparing for it, due to: war, risk of war, rebellion, revolution, molest, fire, water damage, flood, governmental action, import and export barriers, defects in materials (which includes computers and other telecommunication thingie devices), non-availability of materials (which also includes computers and other telecommunication thingie devices), strikes, blockades, sit-down strikes, irreplaceable colleagues, transport difficulties caused by weather and/or traffic jams, and everything in the WOVOX company, in your company, aswell as in the company of third parties involved in our agreement(s). The horror, the horror!
  • Force majeure also includes a deficiency of subcontractors to WOVOX that makes us unable to fulfill, or fulfill on time, our commitments.
  • Should this force majeure situation on the side of WOVOX take longer than one (1) month, both parties in the agreement(s) have the right to dissolve the agreement(s).
  • If we’ve, at the time the force majeure, already fulfilled a part of our obligations under our agreement(s), we’re entitled to separately invoice the work already done. You’ll treat such invoices as if they form separate agreement(s).